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Course Costs and Fees

Course Costs and Fees

The registration fee for each course is listed in the course description. The price is the same for all students, regardless of residency status. Generally, the course fee does not include required materials (e.g. textbooks, exam proctoring) unless specifically stated.

The information on administrative fees provided in the table below and the subsequent detailed description of each fee is not intended to be comprehensive. Fees are subject to change at the discretion of University Extension, and the information below should only be used as a guideline for estimating costs. All administrative fees listed are non-refundable. 

For clarification of any matter pertaining to payment or refund of fees and charges, please contact the University Extension office. 

For detailed explanation of fees, please click on the links provided:

Type Fee Semester Classroom Semester Online Self-paced Online
Processing $150
Library $10
UT ID Card $10  
Transfer $50
Returned Check $25
Late Registration $60  
Four-month Extension $200    
One-month Extension $75    
Exam Review $35    



Processing Fee ($150): All course fees include a $150 non-refundable processing fee. This is an actively incurred debt charged at the time of registration on all payment types, including checks and invoices. This fee will be retained even if the student drops the course or withdraws the registration.

Library Fee ($10): All students will pay a mandatory $10 library fee for each registration submitted. This entitles students to use proprietary databases and to check out materials from any of the University of Texas Libraries. This fee is waived for UT Austin employees and students concurrently enrolled at UT Austin.

UT ID Card Fee ($10): For security purposes, all students attending classes on The University of Texas at Austin campus must have an active ID card. For classes that physically meet on campus (not online), all students who are not simultaneously enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin will pay a $10 ID Card fee for each registration submitted. This fee is waived for UT Austin employees and students concurrently enrolled at UT Austin.

Transfer Fee ($50): Transfer requests should be made using the Drop/Transfer Request Form. Self-paced course transfer requests will not be accepted after the first 15 days of enrollment. Semester course transfer requests are subject to approval. 

Returned Check Fee ($25): If you pay by personal check and the check is returned for insufficient funds, you are assessed this fee and a bar is placed on your student record until payment is resolved.


Late Registration Fee ($60): Depending on the date you register, a non-refundable late fee of $60 will be assessed to your total registration cost for semester-based enrollments. This fee does not apply to self-paced courses. Check the Calendar for relevant dates.


Four-month Extension Fee ($200): You can purchase a one-time-only, four-month course extension at any time, for any reason and without restriction, before your course expires.

One-month Extension Fee ($75): If you have progressed far enough in your course to complete the coursework within 30 calendar days, as determined by the threshold stated in your course, you may purchase a one-time-only, one-month course extension.

Exam Review Fee ($35): You may request to review a completed exam by emailing An exam review may not be possible for all courses.