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Planning Your Work

With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibility

We encourage you to plan and follow a strict schedule to ensure completion of your self-paced course within the allotted five months. We have developed the five-step process below to help you create a customized course timeline.

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How to Build a Customized Timeline for Completing Your Self-Paced Course

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Set your course completion date.
When do you want/need the course grade on a UT transcript? ________________
It is always a good idea to consult with your academic advisor when considering these
questions and choosing your dates. For example: Is this your last semester? Do you need this course to graduate? Are you taking this course as a prerequisite for another course?

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Determine your target final exam date.
Plan to take your final two weeks before you need the credit on a UT transcript. ________________

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Establish your target midterm exam date, if applicable.
If your course has a midterm, divide the time remaining until your final exam date in half. This is when you should plan to take the midterm exam.

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Divide the weeks until your target final exam date by the number of modules in your course:
_______________ This will tell you how many weeks you have to complete each module

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Review the number and type of assignments in each module, set individual due dates and get started on your coursework!
Computer-graded assignments are graded immediately, while instructor-graded assignments can take up to 3 business days for you to receive a grade and feedback.

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Work With An Advisor

It is always a good idea to consult with your academic advisor or a University Extension advisor before registering.