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Taking Exams

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Taking Exams
You choose when and where.

Midterm and final exams for University Extension's self-paced online courses must be taken in-person at an approved testing site. You are responsible for making your own exam arrangements and paying associated exam proctoring fees. It's easy, and this process allows you to select a location and testing date that is convenient for you.

Some semester-based online courses require in-person testing. Please review your course syllabus for information on exam timing and requirements, and contact your instructor if you have any questions.

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Self-paced Course Exam Checklist

When you are ready to take a midterm or final exam, you will use the exam management system within Canvas to request a testing site and track the status of your exam. All testing arrangements, including new testing site nominations, must be requested through this system.

  1. Request your exam in Canvas.
  2. Pick an approved proctored testing site.
  3. Track the status of your exam request.
  4. Read and follow the instructions in your exam confirmation email.
  5. Pay proctoring fee and take your exam.

Exams will be held at testing sites for a maximum of 30 days (fewer if you request your midterm with fewer than 30 days left before your course expiration date). If your exam expires, or if you wish to change testing sites and you still have time remaining in your course, please contact UEX. We may be able to process your exam for an additional fee. Your exam will not be processed for any reason once your course has expired.

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Acceptable Testing Sites

  • Testing centers located on accredited university or community college campuses.
  • Embassies or consulates, for students located outside the United States.
  • Military education centers. Contact your education officer for more information.

Note to Students Abroad: Do not be discouraged if you reside outside of the U.S. and cannot find a “testing center.” In other countries, college and university offices that provide testing center services frequently refer to these services as “exam proctoring” or “exam invigilating.” You may also find offices that provide these services listed within a “student assessment center.”

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Unacceptable Testing Arrangements

  • Teachers, professors or other school personnel.
  • Municipal libraries, family members, friends or others with a personal connection to the student.
  • Online proctoring services. Online proctoring is not permitted unless specifically indicated within the course syllabus.
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Testing Sites

We maintain lists of testing sites located here in Austin, throughout Texas and nationwide for your convenience. These testing sites have been used by UEX students in the past. These lists are not exhaustive, and you are not required to use one of these sites.

If your local college or university is not listed, contact them to inquire if they have a testing center that proctors exams for students of other schools.

University Extension works regularly with proctors in major international cities and may be able to assist with this search.

For additional information about self-paced course exams (timing considerations, exam review, etc.), please visit Frequently Asked Questions.