Course Logistics

Once you are enrolled in a class, you can find important information below about textbooks, library access, ID cards and building access, location of classes, parking and safety and campus security.

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All required textbooks for a course are listed in the course description. Please note that courses may be made available for registration before a specific textbook has been assigned. All required textbook information should be available within 30 days of the first class day.

University Extension does not sell or provide textbooks. Purchase or rent your textbooks as soon as you can from the vendor of your choice. Always order by the ISBN number to make sure you get the proper edition.

Many self-paced courses cannot be started without the required textbook and you have a limited time to complete your course after you register. Therefore, we recommend that you get the textbooks before you register for a course.

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Library Access

Students pay a $10 library fee, per registration, which entitles them to use proprietary databases and to check out materials from any of the University of Texas Libraries.

You can access the online materials on the UT Libraries website using your UT EID. To check out physical materials, you will need to obtain a temporary borrower’s card from the Perry-Castaneda Library on the main UT Austin campus. Bring a copy of your University Extension receipt to the information desk at the library entrance, and they will be able to issue you the borrower’s card, which will be active through the semester in which you are enrolled.

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ID Cards and Building Access

For security purposes, all students attending classes on the UT Austin campus must carry an active ID card. This card may be required to access certain buildings on campus after regular business hours.

For classes that physically meet on campus, all students will pay a $10 ID Card fee for each registration submitted. Eligible students will receive an email around the first day of class with instructions on how to obtain an ID Card. Please wait to receive this email before traveling to the ID Center, as they will be unable to issue you an ID Card beforehand.

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Location of Classes

Courses may be made available for registration before a specific classroom has been assigned. For classes that physically meet on the UT Austin campus, you will receive an email listing the classroom location before the first class day. Additionally, the course description and registration receipts will be updated as this information becomes available.

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Parking on the UT Austin campus is extremely limited. The best parking option for visitors is one of the nine parking garages located around campus. Visit, select Maps and click the area of campus you would like to review. Refer to the symbol legend to find parking near each building.

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Safety and Security on Campus

The university has in place a variety of services to ensure the safety and security of all individuals on and off campus, but the personal safety of each individual who enters the campus is his or her own responsibility.

For more information about specific services available, and to view official reports and updates on campus security, visit:

Students enrolled in University Extension courses that physically meet on the UT Austin campus may sign up to receive campus safety notifications at

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Two-Factor Authentication

The university has implemented a two-factor authentication system to provide an additional level of security when using sensitive online services. Currently, the university is using a system called Duo. If you are directed to this system after entering your UT EID, please follow the instructions provided.