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Pre-Health Courses

Photo of a nursing student taking the blood pressure of another student
Pre-Health Courses

Texas Medical School Prerequisites

Anyone preparing to apply to a medical school in Texas should consult the list of prerequisite course requirements maintained by UT Austin's Health Professions Office.

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Genetics and Biochemistry Courses

  • BIO 325 - Genetics (Online, Summer 2021)
  • BCH 369 - Fundamentals of Biochemistry (Canceled for Fall 2021)

Depiction of a human brain with lines and dots

Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences Courses

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Math & Physics* Courses

*Pre-med students should check with an advisor before registering for any online science courses, as they often do not meet the requirements of medical schools.

Related Courses

BIO 359K - Principles of Animal Behavior

This course is designed to put you in the academic shoes of the researchers behind the “animal planet” shows, as well as challenge you to begin thinking of the interactions among genetics, endocrinology, motivation, metabolism, life history, learning, neurobiology, sensory physiology and other elements that clearly contribute to the way an animal behaves.

HED 366 – Human Sexuality

This course provides students with an overview of human sexuality, garnered from scientific research and theory. Students will have the opportunity to analyze and reflect upon their own sexuality as well as to study the many forms of human sexual expression.