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Pre-Health Courses

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Pre-Health Courses

Take the prerequisite courses you need to reach the next level of your education.

Whether you're pre-nursing, pre-med or preparing for another healthcare-focused professional program, University Extension (UEX) courses can help you fulfill basic pre-health course requirements at a time that fits your schedule.

Courses offered by UEX provide college credit, are transferable and appear on an official UT Austin transcript. Admission is not required, but some courses have prerequisites.

Learn more about the different types of courses we offer:

Evening Classes On Campus

If attending classes on campus is an option for you, UEX's evening classroom courses may be a good fit for your busy schedule. These courses offer a traditional classroom experience and follow the university's semester calendar. They meet on the main UT Austin campus—often after 5 p.m.—just one or two nights a week.

Semester-based Online Courses

Each semester UEX offers a selection of online courses for students looking for flexibility and structure that includes interaction with classmates. Students complete reading assignments, watch lectures and complete online activities on their own schedules, with due dates and deadlines established within each learning module.

UEX's semester-based online courses follow the university's semester calendar, beginning three times a year, in mid-January, early June and late August.

Self-paced Online Courses

UEX self-paced online courses are perfect for motivated and self-directed students looking to optimize flexibility without sacrificing faculty guidance. Self-paced online courses can be started at any time and taken from anywhere you have an internet connection. You have up to five months to complete the coursework, and you can purchase additional time, if necessary.

Midterm and final exams have to be taken in person at an approved testing center, which will most often be at a nearby college or university campus.

Before enrolling in a course to satisfy a prerequisite, we encourage students to check with the school where they plan to use the course, as degree programs and requirements vary greatly within and across institutions.

The Courses You Need—Available When You Need Them

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Biology & Chemistry Courses

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Philosophy & Psychology Courses

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Math & Physics* Courses

*Pre-med students should check with an advisor before registering for any online science courses, as they often do not meet the requirements of medical schools.

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Texas Medical School Prerequisites

Anyone preparing to apply to a medical school in Texas should consult the list of prerequisite course requirements maintained by UT Austin's Health Professions Office.

Related Courses

HED 366 – Human Sexuality

This course provides an overview of human sexuality garnered from scientific research and theory, as well as an overview of the many forms of human sexual expression.

NTR 306 – Fundamentals of Nutrition

Find out what good nutrition means, raise your personal awareness about your health, learn how to incorporate good eating habits into your life and learn how to help others do the same.

SOC 302 – Introduction to the Study of Society

Examine specific aspects of U.S. society, including class structure, economics, the military-industrial complex, and explore the effects of individual and group behavior.