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Give Your Resume a Boost

Earn UT Austin credit and enhance your skill set with business courses available through University Extension (UEX). These courses provide a solid foundation in business concepts and cover the essentials of accounting, finance, information technology, marketing, business law and management. 

These courses are perfect for full-time students with busy daytime schedules, working professionals looking to expand their knowledge of general business practices and anyone considering a post-graduate credential in business.

Courses offered by UEX provide college credit, are transferable and appear on an official university transcript. Admission is not required, but some courses have prerequisites.

Business Courses Offered

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ACC 310F - Foundations of Accounting

Providing an introduction to financial and managerial accounting, this course will expand your understanding of the accounting role and its importance in making effective and informed business decisions.

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BGS 370 - Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

This course will help you to become a more sophisticated decision maker by requiring you to study and then apply a variety of ethical models and ideas. In the end you will gain the ability to make ethics decisions more efficiently and with more confidence.

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FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance

While the primary focus of this course is business decision making, the course also explores how the market-valuation approach is vital for all market participants, including investors, governments and non-profits.

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LEB 320F - Foundations of Business Law and Ethics

Legal issues impact businesses on a daily basis. This course will teach you how to identify and navigate common legal issues and ethical situations that arise in the business environment.

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MAN 320F - Foundations of Management and Organizational Behavior

Designed to give you exposure to essential theories and concepts for analyzing, understanding and managing human behavior in organizations, this course will tie concrete organizational situations to essential theories and effective management practices.

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MIS 302F - Foundations of Information Technology Management

Learn about the impact IT has on the business economy and identify the critical skills IT professionals must possess by working through real-world business cases. Students will explore how IT intersects with functional business areas in an organization and gain the knowledge and skills that lead to success in a business environment.

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MKT 320F - Foundations of Marketing

Explore the evolution of marketing, while learning the basics of creating and communicating a brand. You will discover how to apply the basic framework of the marketing process to key strategy issues and learn about the value, use and implications of market research.

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Minor in Business

The McCombs School's comprehensive Business Minor is designed to provide UT undergraduates from disciplines outside the business school with a deeper understanding of the general principles and practical skill development related to the organizational functions of business.

UT Austin students can take up to 50% of the coursework required to minor in business through University Extension. 

Related Courses

ECO 304K - Introduction to Microeconomics

This course focuses on the economic behavior of consumers, firms, and workers with special attention given to the influence of markets.

ECO 304L - Introduction to Macroeconomics

Learn about aggregate economic processes such as consumption, investment, government expenditures, banking, inflation and employment.