Drops, Transfers and Refunds


Self-Paced Courses: During the first 15 days of enrollment, you may drop a self-paced course for a full refund, minus a $150 administrative fee.  Alternately, you may transfer from one self-paced course to another self-paced course for a non-refundable $50 fee. Either transaction can be initiated using the Drop/Transfer Request Form.

Semester-Based Courses:  Continued absence from a course does not constitute dropping it. You must officially request to be dropped. Failure to submit proper documentation by the noted deadlines will result in a grade of F.

  • For a given semester, you have through the date noted on the calendar as the “last day to drop with no signatures required” to drop a course. You will receive a grade of Q (drop without penalty). Use the Drop/Transfer Request Form to make your request.
  • You have through the date noted as the “last day to drop a class except for urgent and substantiated, nonacademic reasons” to drop a course with approval. Use the Petition to Drop Form and submit it with any required signatures. If approved, you will receive a grade of Q.
  • After all drop deadlines have passed, drop requests will be considered only with a written appeal and supporting documentation to demonstrate urgent or substantiated, nonacademic reasons (e.g. health, military service, death in family). 
  • Once a semester has ended, requests for retroactive withdrawal will only be considered if there is sufficient and compelling documentation, and if the request for retroactive withdrawal is submitted to the University Extension office during the subsequent long-session semester.
  • On the recommendation of the instructor concerned, a student may be required to drop a course at any time because of neglect.


You may transfer from a semester course to a self-paced course for a non-refundable $50 fee. There is no fee to transfer from a semester course to another semester course of the same semester. 


All courses offered are contingent upon minimum enrollment requirements. University Extension reserves the right to cancel low-enrollment courses when necessary. You will receive a full refund if the course is cancelled.

No refunds are available for self-paced courses after 15 days of enrollment.

For semester-based courses, see the Calendar for refund deadlines. The last day to receive a full refund of the course fee, minus a $150 administrative fee, is approximately two weeks before the semester begins. Most courses allow a 50% refund through the first class meeting. No refunds will be awarded after the noted deadline.