E 316N - World Literature

Texas Common Number: ENGL 2331
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E 316N World Literature Online $850.00
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Self-Paced Online

One real agenda of this course is to affirm, or to spark, the love of literature in students who encounter the selected texts. The most optimistic expectation is that this course will provide the foundation of what will be a lifetime reading program.

The course is divided into four main units, each focusing around a specific theme. All students must complete modules focusing on Western Culture and Africa and Africa-Influenced Literature. Two other modules allow students to create a portion of their own course by selecting units that interest them. If they have an interest in a particular language or culture, or want to strengthen the Western material with which the course begins, they have the opportunity to follow those interests. Each unit contains reading comprehension quizzes, an informal reflection paper, and a formal essay assignment.

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This course is independent study and is self-paced. Student have five months upon registration in which to complete all coursework. Exams must be taken in person at an approved testing center (learn more). Proctoring fees vary by site and are not included in the course fee.

Textbook and Materials
The Norton Anthology of World Literature, 3rd Ed. Package 2: Volumes D, E, and F
ISBN 9780393933666

Official UT Austin Description:
Introduction to masterpieces of world literature, emphasizing historical, generic, and thematic connections.