Advising Links for UT Austin Students

Concurrent Enrollment 

Some UT Austin colleges and schools require approval for their students to be simultaneously enrolled with University Extension. UT Austin students who register for University Extension courses without the required approvals will be dropped from their course(s) and will remain responsible for processing and related fees.

If you are or will be a graduating senior in your final semester, we strongly encourage you to contact an advisor in your college prior to enrolling with University Extension. Often, there are specific deadlines for when a grade must be recorded on your transcript in order to support graduation application processing. Some colleges, also, have restrictions on concurrent enrollment in your final semester.

Concurrent Enrollment Petitions and Approval Procedures:

The Colleges of Liberal Arts, Education, and Natural Sciences currently do not require prior approval. However, all students are strongly encouraged to speak with an academic advisor prior to enrollment.

Graduate students are permitted to count up to six total hours of University Extension credit in their programs of work only if they have the proper forms signed by their advisors and the graduate dean. Graduate students may take courses with undergraduate numbers, but those courses will not count for their program of work and will not qualify for financial aid except in rare circumstances and with special permission from the sponsoring department and the Graduate School.