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Language Courses

Language Courses
Paris - Arc de Triomphe

French Language Courses

Photo of the Roman Colosseum ruins with tourists walking around the site.

Latin Language Courses

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Russian Language Courses

Arabic language being written on a black chalkboard with white chalk

Arabic Language Courses

The Department of Middle Eastern Studies in UT Austin’s College of Liberal Arts partners with University Extension to offer the Arabic Summer Institute (ASI). ASI provides an intensive language and culture program for beginning, intermediate and advanced students of Arabic on the UT Austin campus and is open to all qualified students.

For more information, please visit: Arabic Summer Institute.

Southeast Asian cuisine laid on on top of a large green leaf

South Asian Languages Courses

In collaboration with the South Asia Summer Language Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Department of Asian Studies in UT Austin’s College of Liberal Arts is currently partnering with University Extension to offer a series of language courses in the summer 2023 semester.

For more information about the specific languages and levels offered, please visit: South Asia Summer Languages.

Related Courses

E 316N - World Literature

One real agenda of this course is to affirm, or to spark, the love of literature in students who encounter the selected texts. The most optimistic expectation is that this course will provide the foundation of what will be a lifetime reading program.

SOC 322C – Sociology of Creativity

This course examines different aspects of creative insights, human consciousness, social processes, and "invention of reality," including elements of mindfulness, intuition and creativity.