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AFR 303 Introduction to Black Studies Online $895.00
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Self-Paced Online
Class Description

This course provides students with an introduction to Black Studies. In the first section of the course we consider the history of Black Studies in the U.S. using the integration and development of Black Studies here at The University of Texas at Austin as a case study. We then turn to considerations of the historical construction of Africa, the Black Diaspora and the idea of Blackness. Building on this foundation the course provides students with the analytical tools to critically explore canonical Black Studies literature, themes and theories. This section of the course interrogates race, gender, class, sexuality and their intersections. The second section of the course focuses on Black cultures, power and politics. It utilizes the analytical tools provided by the course to forge an understanding of Black gendered cultural forms. The third section of the course focuses in on the expression and use of Black Studies and the ethical questions raised by applying this perspective to everyday concerns in critical areas of social inequity.

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This course is independent study and is self-paced. Students have five months upon registration in which to complete all coursework and exams.

Textbooks and Materials

There is no required textbook for this class. Course readings will be made available online.

Technical Requirements

Students are required to use a laptop or desktop computer with a high-speed internet connection. Tablets and smartphones are not supported. The computer should have a modern and updated operating system, at least 2GB of RAM, a webcam, a microphone and also meet Honorlock's system requirements for online testing.

Official UT Austin Course Description

Introduction to canonical black studies literature, themes, and theories.

May be counted towards the Cultural Diversity, Ethics, and Global Cultures flag requirements.

Class Prerequisites


Students should contact the University Extension advisor with any questions about prerequisites or placement in our courses. All students should contact their academic advisor with any questions about how this course fulfills their degree requirements.