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GSD 310 First-Year Yiddish I Fall 2024 MWF 11:00AM - 12:00PM Adrien Smith $850.00
Course Type
Semester-Based Online
Class Description

This class, offered through a partnership with the Yiddish Book Center, is designed to introduce students to Yiddish language and culture. Students develop proficiency as speakers, readers, listeners, and writers of Yiddish by using the language actively with their peers and instructor. By the end of the course, students will be able to provide basic information about themselves; understand and participate in conversations on a variety of everyday topics; read short texts; and write simple sentences on familiar subjects. The class will also delve into the culture of Yiddish as it has been shaped and expressed in places as diverse as Eastern Europe, Argentina, and New York. Topics may include Yiddish literature and folklore (including humor, golems, and dybbuks), the Hasidic world, the Jewish labor movement, and Soviet Yiddish culture, among others. In addition to engaging with Yiddish through the textbook, the class will sing Yiddish songs, play Hasidic board games, and read and perform Yiddish poems.

Date & Location

This course is 100% online and includes live streaming video. Real-time participation is required during scheduled meeting times.

First class day: Monday, August 26 
Last class day: Monday, December 9 
Final exam: Instructor will provide information.

Required Course Materials

In eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook, Vol I & II by Asya Vaisman Schulman, Jordan Brown, and Mikhl Yashinsky. Available from the Yiddish Book Center ($54 PDF edition or $100 print edition).

Technical Requirements

Reliable internet connection (wired connection is recommended for synchronous interactions and video recordings). A computer with webcam, microphone and headphones.

Official UT Austin Course Description

Introduction to important topics in the history of Northern Europe’s culture, including areas from history, the arts, film studies, language and linguistics, and literature.

Class Prerequisites


Students should contact the University Extension advisor with any questions about prerequisites or placement in our courses. All students should contact their academic advisor with any questions about how this course fulfills their degree requirements.


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