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Flexible Course Options
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Self-Paced Courses

Enroll and start a course today.

Self-paced online courses are perfect for motivated and self-directed students looking to optimize flexibility without sacrificing faculty guidance. Register and start the coursework at any time, then proceed through the assignments at your own pace with feedback and grading from your instructor.

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Semester-Based Online

Build a more flexible class schedule.

Each semester UEX offers a variety of online courses to meet your needs for flexibility and structure. Students complete reading assignments, watch lectures and complete online activities on their own schedules, with due dates and deadlines established within each learning module. You can take these classes anywhere you have internet access.

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On-Campus Courses

Live in the Austin area?

If attending classes on campus is an option for you, UEX's on-campus courses may be a good fit for your busy schedule. These courses offer a traditional classroom experience and follow the university's semester calendar. They meet on the main UT Austin campus just one or two times a week.

Earn transferable college credit

Catch up or get ahead on your degree requirements with a variety of flexible course options. All UEX courses award UT Austin college credit, are transferable and appear on an official university transcript.

Featured Online Courses

E 316N – World Literature

This course provides an introduction to masterpieces of world literature with an emphasis on historical connections. Fulfills the Humanities core requirement.

MKT 320F - Foundations of Marketing

Covers the basics of creating and communicating a brand. This course can be used to meet requirements for the Business Foundations Program.

PSY 301 – Introduction to Psychology

This introductory course explores basic problems and principles of human experience and behavior.

Featured On-Campus Courses

BIO 325 Genetics

This course covers the subject of genetics and focuses on the following topics: what genes are; how they work; how genes are inherited; how they evolve; how your genes differentiate you from everyone else; how knowledge of genetics is enabling us to cure diseases and understand our ancestry; and how scientists are figuring all of this out.

NSC 209 Individual Learning Strategies

This student-centered seminar will guide you through an investigation of successful academic self-management. You will use critical and reflective thinking and effective problem solving techniques to create and hone a strategy for achieving your individual academic goals.