INF 303D - Academic Success in the Digital University-WB

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INF 303D Academic Success in the Digital University-WB Summer 2019 Online Molly McGee $850.00
Course Type:
Semester-Based Online

This course is intended to teach undergraduate students to navigate and use digital information resources, tools and skills that will help them to excel in their studies at a modern “digital” university.   Topics include the digital basics of online learning; UT Libraries and introduction to scholarly communication; academic honesty, copyright and Creative Commons and academic publishing; the internet and networking basics; basic website design and usability; information security and privacy basics; and digital citizenship and information ethics.

Date & Location:

This course will be conducted entirely online and has no live class meetings.  There are pre-set due dates for all assignments. 

First class day:  Thursday, June 6
Last class day:  Friday, August 16

Required Materials:

None. All required media will be available via the course website.

Official UT Austin Description:

Exposure to a wide variety of information and academic resources, tools, and skills. Focus is on the digital landscape of higher education. Subjects include features of the primary learning management system used; communication and organizational tools; library resources; basic online research resources; and ethical and safety concerns.




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