SOC 321K - Sociology of Love and Intimacy

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SOC 321K Sociology of Love and Intimacy Summer 2020 MW 6:00PM - 8:30PM Mehdi Haghshenas $850.00
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Semester-Based Online

Sociology of Love and Intimacy will examine the many aspects of the mind- body consciousness, love, social change, and the human values. The first part of the course looks at the nature of the mind and its characteristics relevant to how one is able to experiencing the unconditional love. This portion of the course also embraces the power of the presence and the concept of the self. During the second part of the semester, the course will emphasize how intimacy and love are materialized in different societies; how love and intimacy interact with rapid social, economic, and cultural change, and how the subsequent change transforms the social world and the meaning of love. In this course, the students will become familiar with the spiritual and philosophical aspects of love; the self and the personal identity in the context of love in the modern age; the family and the individual, and the impact of industrialization and capitalism on private lives and the public order. Finally, the course will look at gender, love and sexual revolution, and the media representation of love & intimacy.

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Location: This course is 100% online and includes live streaming video. Real-time participation is required during scheduled meeting times.
First class day: Monday, July 13
Last class day: Wednesday, August 12
Final exam: Instructor will provide information
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May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.

Upper-division standing (50 hours of college coursework).


No refunds after 07/16/2020.