SOC 321K - Sociology of Love and Intimacy

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SOC 321K Sociology of Love and Intimacy Fall 2019 M 6:00PM - 9:00PM Mehdi Haghshenas $850.00
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Classroom - UT Austin

Introduction to varying aspects of creative insights, human consciousness, social process and the "invention of reality." Use of the elements of mindfulness and intuition, and creativity at individual, organizational, societal and environmental levels. Drawing on lectures, group discussions, books, articles, artistic films and documentaries; in order to better understand and appreciate the interconnectedness, and interrelationship between "inner" (personal) reality and "other" (social) reality.

Date & Location:

Location: Room TBD – UT Austin main campus
First class day: Monday, September 9
Last class day: Monday, December 9
Final exam: Instructor will provide information
Official UT Austin Description:
May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.

Upper-division standing (50 hours of college coursework).