BIO 311D - Introductory Biology II

Texas Common Number: BIOL 1307
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BIO 311D Introductory Biology II Spring 2019 TTH 6:00PM - 7:30PM Blinda McClelland $850.00
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Classroom - UT Austin

This course covers major concepts in Meiosis and life cycles, Mendelian genetics, population genetics, mechanisms of evolution, phylogenetics, life history, structure-function relationships and adaptations, an overview of animal and plant physiology, population ecology and community interactions, and major biomes.

Date & Location:

Location: UT Austin main campus
First class day: Tuesday, January 29
Last class day: Thursday, May 9
Final exam: Tuesday, May 14
Official UT Austin Description:
Introduction to mechanisms of inheritance, evolution, physiology, and species interactions.

Biology 311C with a grade of at least C-, or consent of the University Extension advisor. Students must have approval to enroll in this course (learn more).


No refunds after 2/1/2019.