C C 303 - Introduction to Classical Mythology-WB

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C C 303 Introduction to Classical Mythology-WB Summer 2019 Online Steven Lundy $850.00 Class not available
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Semester-Based Online

This course is an Introduction to Classical Mythology. Through a survey of major works of classical literature and art, students will work together to survey the most important mythical stories and sagas from the classical world as well as the dominant ancient and modern trends in their interpretation. By surveying these strands of interpretation, students will develop a set of critical skills in the historical, sociological, psychological and anthropological analysis of literature and art.

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This course has no live class meetings, and for the most part can be done on the student's own schedule. There are due dates for all assignments, and the exams must be taken on the assigned dates in a proctored, face-to-face setting. Exam proctoring fees may apply and are not included in the course fee.
First class day: Monday, July 15
Last class day: Friday, August 16
Final exam: Instructor will provide information.
Official UT Austin Description:
Survey of major Greek and Roman myths and their influence on literature, art, and music.



No refunds after 07/18/2019.

This course is available for Summer 2019 through the UT Registrar. As a general campus policy, current UT students may enroll in University Extension courses only when the equivalent course is not available online through the Registrar.  Students seeking an exception should contact their college advisor.