INF 335C - Information in Cyberspace

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INF 335C Information in Cyberspace Summer 2020 Online Kristen Ederer $850.00 Class not available
Course Type:
Semester-Based Online

The aim of this course is to give students the tools to think critically about networked information communication technologies and their role as information consumers, producers and leaders in the evolution of cyberspace. Students will learn about technical applications that make the Internet possible; political, financial and social implications of creating content on the Internet; how to find, evaluate and cite information resources on the Internet; and how to protect content and resources from malicious attacks.  Students will read and discuss history and current news related to information technology, and complete hands-on projects to practice presenting and assessing information in a variety of contexts.

Date & Location:

This course will be conducted entirely online and has no live class meetings.  There are pre-set due dates for all assignments. 

First class day:  Thursday, June 4
Last class day:  Thursday, July 9

Required Materials:

None. All required media will be available via the course website.

Official UT Austin Description:

An overview of the history and social impact of Internet, Web, and other network technologies. Students will learn methods and tools of media creation with an emphasis on technological self-sufficiency.


Upper-division standing.


No refunds after 6/9/2020.