BIO 325 - Genetics

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BIO 325 Genetics Spring 2019 TTH 6:00PM - 7:30PM Inder Saxena $850.00
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Classroom - UT Austin

BIO 325 covers the subject of genetics and focuses on the following topics: what genes are; how they work; how genes are inherited; how they evolve; how your genes differentiate you from everyone else; how knowledge of genetics is enabling us to cure diseases and understand our ancestry; and how scientists are figuring all of this out. The following attributes are equally important to your success in this course: critical thinking, quantitative analysis, application of knowledge through problem solving, self-motivated learning and learning by helping your peers. The official BIO 325 curriculum is available here.

Date & Location:

Location: UT Austin main campus
First class day: Tuesday, January 29
Last class day: Thursday, May 9
Final exam: Tuesday, May 14
Official UT Austin Description:
Basic principles of Mendelism, molecular genetics, structure and function of genes and chromosomes, populations and evolution.

Biology 311C and 311D with a grade of at least C- in each, or consent of the University Extension advisor. Students must have approval to enroll in this course (learn more).


No refunds after 2/1/2019.