BCH 369 - Fundamentals of Biochemistry

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BCH 369 Fundamentals of Biochemistry Fall 2020 TTH 6:00-7:30PM David Hoffman $850.00
Course Type:
Semester-Based Online

This is a one semester course that covers the major concepts in biochemistry, including the types of biomolecules, protein and enzyme structure, membranes and metabolism. The course may be of interest to students who are on a path toward a health related field, or anyone interested in how living things work at the molecular level.

Seats are limited and early enrollment is advised.

Course Materials:

(Required) Essential Biochemistry, 3rd edition by Charlotte Pratt & Kathleen Cornley

Date & Location:

Location: 100% Online
First class day: Thursday, August 27
Last class day: Thursday, December 3
Final exam: TBA, instructor will provide information
Official UT Austin Description:
The basics of protein structure and function, carbon and nitrogen metabolism, and molecular biology of macromolecules. Only one of the following may be counted: Biochemistry 339F, 369, Biology 337 (Topic: Foundations of Biochemistry), Chemistry 339K, 369. May not be counted towards a degree in biochemistry.

The following coursework with a grade of at least C-: Chemistry 310M, 318M, 320M, or 328M; or consent of the University Extension advisor. Students must have approval to enroll in this course (learn more).


No refunds after 08/28/2020.