FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance

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FIN 320F Foundations of Finance Online $850.00
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Self-Paced Online

This course develops your ability to use economic decision tools in a market environment. Finance answers two market questions: what is it worth and do the benefits of an action exceed the cost of taking that action? Making good economic decisions involves integrating behavioral, economic, accounting and political information into a qualitative and quantitative decision process. This valuation approach is essential for all market participants, including investors, governments and non-profits.

This course is independent study and is self-paced. Students have five months upon registration in which to complete all coursework. Exams must be taken in person at an approved testing center (learn more). Proctoring fees vary by site and are not included in the course fee.

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Textbooks and Materials

The materials for this course (textbook, cases, readings, etc.) have been embedded electronically within the UT Canvas learning management system. The supporting text is Essentials of Corporate Finance, 9th ed., by Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, McGraw Hill. Materials are required and must be purchased through the course in Canvas (cost is approximately $125); alternate versions of the textbook may not be used. 

A basic financial calculator, such as an HP 10B11+, is recommended.

Official UT Austin Description:
Principles of effective financial management, including planning, organization, and control; financial intermediaries; securities markets; evaluating alternative assets, debt, and capital structures.

45 hours of college coursework and one of the following: Accounting 310F; 311 or 311H, and 312 or 312H; or 6 semester hours of accounting coursework.

Students should contact the University Extension advisor with any questions about prerequisites or placement in our courses. All students should contact their academic advisor with any questions about how this course fulfills their degree requirements.