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Self-paced Texas Business Foundations Courses

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Give Your Resume a Boost

Add Self-Paced and Semester-Based Online BFP Courses to Your Summer Plans

University Extension (UEX) offers self-paced and semester-based online sections of most courses in the  Business Foundations Program (BFP) offered by the McCombs School of Business. Whether you're already enrolled in the program and want to get ahead on your course requirements, or you're looking to add business skills to another major, BFP online courses are ideal for students seeking flexibility in their schedule, especially those seeking to complete a class during summer break or between semesters.

Courses taken through UEX count for college credit and will appear on your UT Austin transcript. The grades will be included in your cumulative UT GPA, too.

Make the most of your summer

UEX's self-paced online courses can be started at any time and taken from anywhere you have an internet connection, and you have up to five months to complete the coursework. That means you can register for a course now, start the coursework before you leave for the summer and finish it from home or wait until summer and focus your energy during your downtime. While UEX semester-based summer courses are available online and must be taken during the summer semester schedule. Exams can be taken online or in person at an approved testing center, which will most often be at a nearby college or university campus.

Convenient and cost effective

Taking self-paced or semester-based online courses thru UEX is not just convenient, it can also be a cost-effective option for earning credit over the summer. The registration cost of each class is $850, plus materials. 

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ACC 310F - Foundations of Accounting

Providing an introduction to financial and managerial accounting, this course will expand your understanding of the accounting role and its importance in making effective and informed business decisions.

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FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance

While the primary focus of this course is business decision making, the course also explores how the market-valuation approach is vital for all market participants, including investors, governments and non-profits.

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LEB 320F - Foundations of Business Law & Ethics

Legal issues impact businesses on a daily basis. This course will teach you how to identify and navigate common legal issues and ethical situations that arise in the business environment.

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MAN 320F - Foundations of Management and Organizational Behavior

Designed to give you exposure to essential theories and concepts for analyzing, understanding and managing human behavior in organizations, this course will tie concrete organizational situations to essential theories and effective management practices.

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MIS 302F - Foundations of Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management provides you with a broad view of how IT is transforming the world of business.

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MKT 320F - Foundations of Marketing

Explore the evolution of marketing, while learning the basics of creating and communicating a brand. You will discover how to apply the basic framework of the marketing process to key strategy issues and learn about the value, use and implications of market research.

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Texas Business Foundations Program

Developed by the McCombs School of Business to provide non-business students with a fundamental understanding of common business topics and processes, the Texas Business Foundations Program curriculum is now available to everyone through University Extension.

Related Self-paced Courses

ECO 304K - Introduction to Microeconomics

This course focuses on the economic behavior of consumers, firms, and workers with special attention given to the influence of markets.

ECO 304L - Introduction to Macroeconomics

Learn about aggregate economic processes such as consumption, investment, government expenditures, banking, inflation and employment.

M 316L - Foundations of Geometry, Statistics, and Probability

Learn basic concepts and methods of geometry, statistics and probability, with an emphasis on problem solving.