GOV 310L - American Government

Texas Common Number: GOVT 2301
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GOV 310L American Government Online $850.00
Course Type:
Self-Paced Online

Introduction to the processes and issues of United States and Texas government. The course will cover the relevant institutions in the development of the governmental process, as well as discuss the role of the citizens in shaping our government.

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This course is independent study and is self-paced. Students have five months upon registration in which to complete all coursework.

Required Textbooks and Materials:

Central Ideas in American Government, 7th Edition, by Jocelyn Evans and Kristy Michaud with Texas Politics, 4th Edition, by the Texas Politics Project. Online text, ISBN 978-0-9904165-7-9, Soomo Publishing. This is a custom webtext; students must purchase using the direct link provided within the course website (cost approximately $105).

An internet-connected laptop or desktop computer with a reasonably current operating system is required in order to view course videos and complete interactive modules. Tablets and smartphones are not supported.

The midterm and final exams must be taken in person at an approved testing center (learn more). Proctoring fees vary by site and are not included in the course fee.

Official UT Austin Description:
A basic survey of American government, including fundamental political institutions, federal, state, and local; special attention to the United States and Texas Constitutions. Part of a six-semester-hour integrated sequence, the second half of which is Government 312L.

Twelve semester hours of college coursework and a passing score on the reading section of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) test (or an appropriate assessment test).

Students should contact the University Extension advisor with any questions about prerequisites or placement in our courses. All students should contact their academic advisor with any questions about how this course fulfills their degree requirements.